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Technology & Machineries  
·JuLong Microwave Energy Equipment Co. Ltd.
·Yantai Aowei refrigerstion equipment Co.,Ltd.
·Shanghai Weser Industry Technology Co, Ltd.
·Xiangming Freeze Science And Technology Co., Ltd.
·Omori Changkong Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.
·Shanghai Triowin Technology Company Limited
·Shanghai ZhuoYan Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd.
·Shanghai Kelao Mechanical equipment Co.,Ltd.
·Shenzhou refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd.
·Tianhe Drying Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
·Shanghai Far-east Pharmaceutical Machinery General
·Jiangsu Fanqun Drying Equipment Factory
·Yodsn Fluid Equipment Co.,Ltd.
·TongZhou QiangSheng Conveyor Equipment Factory
·Shanghai Licon Mechanical&Electronical Co.,Ltd.
·Shanghai Jincheng Refrigeration Equipment Co.Ltd.
·Jiangyin Suxin Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.
·Hangzhou Oulifa Fluid Equipment Co.,Ltd.
·Shanghai Pilotech Enterprise
·Zhucheng Lide Machine Co., Ltd.
·Guangzhou ChuangFu Foodstuff Machinery Factory
·Saimo Technlogy Pty Ltd.
·Dalian Huaao Food Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
·Zhangjiagang JieDa Machinery Co., Ltd.
·Shanghai Hongze Microwave Energy Application Co.,
·Qingdao Yonghe Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
·Zengran Packaging Science and Technology Co.Ltd.
·Shanghai BOZN packing machinery manufacturing Co.
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