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Report on the Events  
·ProPak China 2015
·Beer in full flow throughout China
·FHC and ProWine China expand by 40%
·ProWine China 2013 – Final Press Release / Novembe
·Foodex & Horex China 2013
·ProWine China 2013 promises exciting discoveries
·Foodex & Horex China 2013
· Highway to the heart of the Chinese food and wine
·Change in Leadership at ProWein
·China Refrigeration Expo2012
·ProWein App offers daily updated information
·2012 Hospitality Industry Expo
·29,008 attend China’s top food & wine exhibition
· Developments for the manufacture of meat products
·Chilled food: Tasty fresh products are very popula
·Anuga FoodTec 2012: Aseptic methods and clean room
·Anuga FoodTec 2012 now to occupy 127,000 square me
·Mouth watering opportunities in the world’s larges
·Modern sensors provide precise insights into produ
·International support increased at China’s leading
·ProWein 2012 – “To Another great Year”
·Opportunities for technology sales
·ProWein 2011:Top Position Impressively Confirmed
·Anuga FoodTec 2012 preparations gearing up
·Opportunities for technology sales
·ProWein 2011 – Press Release No. 2/September 2010
·ProPak quality confirms show as China's premier pa
·China rebound boosts packaging market
·China rebound boosts food and wine imports
·Exporters Delight at FHC 2010
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