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Meat Industry  
·Hongzui Agriculture Hi-tech Development Co.,Ltd.
·Hongfu Meats Company Limited
·Shenyang Lufeng Food Co., Ltd.
·Henan Zhiyuan Food Co., Ltd.
·Sushi Group Ltd.
·Ningxia Laoheqiao Halal Meat Ware Co.,Ltd.
·Sisen Cenco Group Co., Ltd.
·Taizhou Zhonghe machinery Co., Ltd.
·Beijing Kaichuang Food Co.,Ltd.
·Jing Jiang Double Fish Food Co., Ltd.
·Shan Dong Wang Guang Group
·Zhengbang Group
· Inner Mongolia Grassland Xinhe Foodstuff Co., Ltd
·Shandong King Group
·Shandong Ronghua Food Group Co., Ltd.
·Shanghai Dajiang (Group) Co., Ltd.
·Shandong Laiyang Springsnow Food Co., Ltd.
·Zhong`ao Holdings Group Co.,Ltd.
·Shaanxi Kingbull Livestock Development Co., Ltd.
·Xiwang Group
·Hunan Tangrenshen Group Co.,Ltd.  
·Heilongjiang Grand Farm Group
·Dalian Banchuidao Food Group
·Sichuan Meining Industry Group Halal Food Company
·Zhenjia Foodstuff Imports and Exports Co.,ltd.
·Tianjin Baodi Agriculture Technic Joint Stock Co.,
·Inner Mongolia Kerchin Cattle Industry Co.,Ltd.
· Liuhe Group Co., Ltd.
·Jinan Welcome Food Co., Ltd.
·Jilin Huazheng Agribusiness Development Co. Ltd.
·Yongda Food Industry Co,.Ltd
·Oniental Wanqi Beef Cattle industryCo,.Ltd.
·Qingdao Abundant Dragon Foodstuff Co.,Ltd.
·Linyi Xincheng Jinluo Meat Products Co. Ltd.
·Delisi Group
·Shineway Group
·China Yurun Food Group Limited
·Grassland Star Food Co.Ltd.
·Henan Huitong Meat Co.Ltd.
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