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FEBRUARY 28 – MARCH 3, 2012
                          Italy   Milano
IPACK-IMA: driving the development of processing, packaging, and material handling systems The 2012 edition will be even more open, exhausting, authoritative and global-oriented IPACK-IMA, the top global exhibition dedicated to the packaging and processing industry is an event in constant development: in 2009, it attracted 54,000 visitors from 116 countries, confirming an impressive trend of growth and at the same time confirming its position as the leading fair in the world in the field of technologies for the production of pasta (primarily for dry pasta).
700 exhibitors, 25% of whom from outside of Italy, as early as nine months from the opening of the exhibition: interest in Ipack-Ima 2012 is definitely on the rise. Industry leaders representing the global supply chain have already secured their stands. Packaging machinery is the most represented product category (29%) followed by processing machinery with 23%. There is also a significant presence of consumer/industrial materials, which combined amount to 24%. The dominant trend in the upcoming event, now in its 22nd edition, is large exhibiting areas and the installation of complete production lines and machinery. IPACK-IMA is once again set to be a great system exhibition, the benchmark event for technology and materials for the European and Mediterranean processing, packaging and material handling industry on stage at FieraMilano from February 28th to March 3rd 2012
Paolo Barilla, one of Italy’s primary industrialists will lead the upcoming edition of IPACK-IMA. It is a very prestigious choice highlighting the exhibition’s role in the world industry today. Last December Mr. Barilla was elected first president of the newly established AIDEPI, a new association part of Confindustria grouping the 2 / 3
Association of Italian Pastry Industries and the Association of Italian Industrial Pasta Makers.
In order to encourage discussion among the members of the community, IPACK-IMA has created a new and valuable communication tool: the Business Community will bring together technology demand and offer according to different applications, helping both exhibitors and visitors in maximizing the benefits of their participation in IPACK-IMA.
In order to assist exhibitors and visitors alike, IPACK- IMA 2012 highlights nine different food and non-food application areas. These targeted areas (Grain Based Food- Dairy Products – Beverage - Confectionery – Fruit & Vegetable - Fresh & Convenience Food - Health & Personal Care - Chemicals; Industrial & Home - Industrial & Durable Goods) are referred to as IPACK-IMA 2012's "Business Communities" which identify exactly where the exhibition is particularly strong and has significant offerings.
IPACK-IMA 2012 also boasts outstanding supporters including national bodies such as the Ministries of Economic Development and Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policy, as well as international organizations the caliber of the UN’s food agencies, UNIDO and the World Food Programmer. This brings further prestige to the 2012 edition of the exhibition, which will in turn springboard IPACK-IMA 2015 towards its joint date with the Milan International EXPO.
IPACK-IMA’s commitment all along the path leading up to the EXPO 2015 features new initiatives year after year. As part of the activities developed in harness with the United Nations’ food agencies, on June 15, 2011 Milan has been the stage for the "Ipack-Ima days. Technology for food safety".
In 2012 is scheduled the 22nd edition of IPACK-IMA, during which the great international convention "Appropriate Food Technologies (AFT) for Food Safety and Food Security in African Countries", organized in partnership by IPACK-IMA, UNIDO and WFP will be held. In conjunction with this event the Technology Innovation Award for Food Safety in Developing Countries, an initiative developed by UNIDO and WFP in connection with the packaging industry have its culminating moment at IPACK-IMA 2012 with its award-giving ceremony. This award will include three different categories: technologies and processes to guarantee food safety, innovative packaging to ensure food safety and innovative packaging for emergency situations.
From starting of the promotional activities in China for IPACK-IMA 2012 since beginning of 2011, Ipack-Ima SpA selected and put IPACK-IMA 2012 advertisements on some professional magazines, and more actively co-operated with many industrial associations. Ipack-Ima SpA also exhibited and visited more professional exhibitions in China than before. Therefore, more and more Chinese companies have known IPACK-IMA 2012, recent promotional activities have successfully attracted more exhibition organizers to organize Chinese companies to exhibit on IPACK-IMA 2012. The number of applications submitted so far has been already more than last Edition.
We are looking forward to having more professionals participating on IPACK-IMA 2012, making it to be no better place to trade!
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