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XIAMEN BAO LIN TAI SEAFOOD PRODUCTS CO., LTD ( shortened form :BLT SEAFOOD ) is a specialized seafood manufacturer located in Xiamen ,China. Based on many years’ experience in processing canned pasteurized crabmeat, crab cake, frozen crabmeat, and clams ; Based on strictly control to raw materials; Depend on professional staff , skilled workers and advanced equipment; we are in confidence and have ability to supply our customers satisfied products with safety and high quality all along.
BLT seafood has
·Qualification of independent international trading
·Chinese export food production enterprise Registration
·FDA Registration
·HACCP certificate, QS certificate, each processing steps operated under GMP, SSOP guidelines to guarantee our customers the freshest, safest and high-quality products.
·Advanced seafood products production line, R&D, inspection system and state -of- the- art technology.
·Long-term consultant from US FDA consultant and Japan food expert
·close R&D cooperation with Xiamen Jimei University.
·Self-owned raw material production sites.
·Excellent managers, technicians, and workers with many years’ experience in seafood industry
BLT seafood dedicates itself to offer the best quality crabmeat, crab cake, and clams to our faithful partners as any promotion of us can’t be achieved without the help and support of them. BLT seafood is also focus on providing safe, nutritious and healthy high quality food to all people around the world. We not only take “Famous high-quality seafood manufacturer worldwide” as our goal, but also make a commitment to customers and partners that we always put safety and quality as the first consideration.
Based on advanced production line and machinery, the best raw material, excellent management team, skilled staff and many years experience in processing seafood, we trust that we surely make it possible for our product to satisfy our clients’ need.

Add:No. 95 HuGuang Road Xiamen,China.

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