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Aquatic Industry  
Qingdao Jiulong Foods Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Jiulong Foods Co., Ltd. is a sino-American joint enterprise, founded in 2003 with the investment of USD 7.10 million. Apply ourselves to food manufacture and exploiture, with the annual processing capacity of more than 30,000MT. It is located in the Jiaonan Tieshan Industry Park beside Qingdao city, with convenient transportation both to the seaport and airport. 
Our main products are aquatic products, meat, vegetable, pet foods, instant products according with European and American sanitation standard for food processing. It has 5 plants of whole-sealed and low-temperature control covers 15,000 square meters. It has a veteran and trained-staff team with high skill and high spirit. Our products are mainly saled to Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia etc.

Aquatic products: Kinds of fish fillets, frozen and vacuum-packed boiled little-neck clam meat, scallop adductor, squid tubes, squid T+T, squid strip and rings, octopus, Imitation crabmeat, shrimp ball, etc.
Meat products: Pork meat, rabbit meat, chicken breast fillet, beef stick, tuna stick, other pet foods, etc.
Vegetables: Burdock, potato, radish, frozen whole sweet corn, frozen fries, dehydrated chive, frozen mixed vegetable, etc.
Instant products: Breaded Pollack fillets, breaded sardine fillets, breaded shrimp sticks, white fish and shrimp in roll, Japanese noodle, squid bunch, chicken bunch, etc.

At Jiulong food, we pride ourselves with extraordinary quality, personalized service, and timely delivery to our customers. 

Address: Room 1312, ZhongGang b1uilding, No. 16 FuZhou Road, QingDao, China.

Contact persone: James Zhang

Tel: +86-532-85761859

Fax: +86-532-85769173


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