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Aquatic Industry  
Hairoad Food Zhejiang Co.,Ltd.

    Hairoad Food Zhejiang Co.,Ltd. is one of  the subsidiary companies of Zhejiang  Deborn Holding Group Co., Ltd. It is engaged in fine and further processing of aquatic products.The company is located in Zhoushan Islands which is called the Fishing Capital ,City by the Sea and the Buddhist Kingdom on the Sea.It was founded in Apr. 2001,with its registered capital RMB16 million and annual production capicity about 5000 tons., The company pays more attention to the fine and further processing of aquatic products and it has formed the operation philosophy of“finish machining, professionalization and high standards” since its foundation.

    With the development of the company, it gradually builds high reputation in aquaculture for the production of cephalopodous aquatic products. The main products are octopus and squid series, including different kinds of octopus cut , octopus slice, floured octopus, octopus suzuke , octopus wasabi, octopus skewer, squid roll, squid ring, squid portion, floured squid,etc. Every year, 90% of the products are exported to Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Singapore, U.S.A and European countries.    

    Good food Zhejiang Co,.Ltd is a joint venture founded by Hairoad food Zhejiang Co,.Ltd and Jinheng International Hongkong Co,.Ltd which is professionally processing kinds of squid products.The company was built in May 2006 and built a new factory valued RMB 250 million and began to produce in the end of 2008.The company has a 2000 tons refrigeratory and the area of the workshop can reach 4000 kilometres.Mainly produce and process frozen or dried squid products including squid skewer, squid ring, squid roll, squid portion, flavored squid etc.The products are mostly export to Japan, Korea,E.U maeket, some are popular in national market and get the favor of the customers.
   The corporation takes full advantage of Zhoushan’s location, which is the original place of octopus in China, using the advanced production and inspection equipment to ensure the quality of the products and make them fresh, safe and clean. Meanwhile, it actively imports advanced technologies and managment principle from Japan.

    The workshops of the company are strictly in accordance with the seafood HACCP regulations of FDA and the EU 94/356 / EEC directive from the design requirements, with its coldstore of more than 1,000 tons / time, quick-freezing capacity of 30 tons / time. In 2006, the company successfully go the U.S. FDA  Registration and ISO9001: 2000, ISO9001: 22000 system certification In 2007, it successfully passed the EU Registration and QS system  certification, ISO14001 system certification, clean production certification and green enterprise certification.

    Furthermore, the company has its independent research&development department which owns strong technique power. Annually it pushes out new products and gragually becomes the leading company among the same industry.Besides, the corporation often takes part in Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition, exchanges experience with coteries and catches the market information and industry trend.

    The enterprise, which takes the concept of “ honesty and mutual benefits ”, has built long-term stable cooperation with many famous international enterprises from Japan, korea and so on. At the same time, it actively develops domestic markets for catering services and aquatic products wholesale, growing together with all the partners under the harmonious market environment.
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