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Hongzui Agriculture Hi-tech Development Co.,Ltd.

    Siping Hongzui Agriculture Hi-tech Development Co., ltd(hereinafter referred to shortly as "Company")  is an affiliate of Hongzui group, Located in Lishu Economy Development Zone. The registered capital is 150 million. The Company was newly-organized in 2007, and set up Company Limited by Siping Hongzui Group and other 11 shareholders. 

    As a national key agriculture industrialization enterprise, it is mainly engaged in swine breeding, feeding, slaughtering, meat and by-products processing, feed and xylose, xylitol, starch, modified starch processing.

    The Company has 5 cereals collection storage sites, it has an area of 290,000 square meters, 5 set cereals drying machines and other cereals storage installations and materials. The capacity of cereals collection and storage is up to 250,000 tons .Now the project of 10 million high quality commercial pigs base is under construction,   and it has been included in the plan of No. one file of the People’s government of Jilin province.

    There are 1207 employees working in the Company, including 130 technicians, 2 with doctors degree, 8 with masters degree. There are 5 departments: financial department, enterprise management and controlling department etc. in the company. There are 3 companies:“JI”Pig Meat Products Company ;Breeding Swine Company ; Hongzui Feed Company ;Subordinating Jilin  Modistar Biochemical Company ;Jilin Modistar Feed Company; Gongzhuling Modistar Feed Company ;Jilin Hongzui Biotechnology Company; Jilin Hongzui Ecological Agriculture Technology Company; Hongzui Ecological Egg Company; Jilin Hongzui Farm Logistics Company; Jilin Hongzui Agricultural Hi-tech Casings Company; lishu County Small Loans Company; Siping Hongzui Guarantee Company, about 10 holding companies etc. and Jilin Hongzui Countryside Cooperation Economic Association General Professional Cooperative, the one associated unit. The company has a leading position in the field of technology R&D 、management 、marketing network、culture、financing etc.

    As of 2008, the company has invested 767,000,000 RMB in 13 new swine farms with the total area of 600 Ha. Now there has been 26,000 swine with an annual output piglet capacity of 500,000;It has introduced international advanced production technology and equipment from Netherlands and Japan’s  Sanyo refrigeration equipment and built a slaughtered line of 2,400,000 live pigs per year. The projects of 5,000-ton xylose, 130,000-ton starch, 350,000-ton feed have been put into operation. At the same time, the Company has adopted “company + cooperative” mode first, and carried out appropriate incentives (see detail files). The company is in charge of epidemic prevention, disease treatment, technology supports, the supply of pigs and piglets, feed, contact insurance, bank loans and guarantees and so on, the large farmers are in charge of feeding workers, piglets and other facilities. There are total of 178 pig-keeping cooperatives and 13,000 farmers. At present, the cooperative has covered northeast -three-province.

    The Company is carrying out the project of 10 million high quality live pigs.

    Carefully created disease prevention and control、original species introducing and breeding、feed supply、culture on scale、piglet supply、rearing and fattening pig、sales、slaughtering、“ JI” brand cold fresh meat sales、meat deep-processing etc. chain of complete and safety animal by-product from the source to the dinning table.

    “JI” brand  Hongzui cold fresh meat has the excellence of green、pollution-free,and become rest assured products of mass consumption. The project of 10 million high quality commercial pigs will play a great role on the state food safety、cereals
safety、live pig price safety、eco-safety and driven rich peasants.

    In 2009,Hongzui Agriculture Hi-tech Development Co., ltd will be on the new projects of 2000tons blood cell and plasm  protein, 200,000 tons ecological feed, swine breeding in small-scale in Maolin, Xinglong of Shuangliao city; Large-scale gas to generate electricity in culturing base of liujiaguanzi town of Lishu county. The project for 10 million high quality live pigs (landrace, Yorkshire, Duroc hybrid) cross-breeding will continue to be implemented.

    It will be accomplished by 2012 with the total investment of 15.6 billion RMB (Mainly focus on combination of original piglets and farming-based resources),the new building will occupy 8,000,000 square meters, there are above 10 original swine farms and each with more than 7000 pigs, ”dual” sow  600,000, high-quality “foreign ternary” commercial pigs 10 million.

    The company plans to realize 3000,000 pigs in 2009, 5000,000 pigs in 2010, 8000,000 pigs in 2011, 10 million pigs in 2012. Then, the company will become the country’s a super-sized intensive pig farming and pig products manufacturing enterprise.
    Investment in 2008 and five-year development programming

    As the policy of “Outline for the Development of the revitalization of northeast” is carried out, the state council advocated a strategic requirement to build national livestock production base and national commodity grain area in northeast of china. The goal of Hongzui group is to build 10 million high quanlity live pig base in Siping area, it was supported strongly by the provincial and municipal governments, it is one of few ten-million scale live-pig feeding projects which focus on original swine introduction and breeding,slaughtering,deep processing,feed production,disease prevention. The project is in Siping and the surrounding 10 counties (Lishu, Shuangliao, Yitong, Gongzhuling,Siping,Kaiyuan,Changtu, Changling, Tongyu, etc.), it will be accomplished by 2012 with the total investment of 15.6 billion (mainly focus on combination of original pigpens and farming-based resources), the new buildings occupy 8,000,000 square meters,there are 10 original swine farms and each with more than 7000 pigs, "dual" sow 600,000, high-quality"foreign ternary" commercial pigs 10,000,000. At that time, the company will become the countrys large intensive pig farming and pig products manufacturing enterprise.

    In order to achieve 10 million high-quality "foreign ternary" pig system,our company has established close relation with Jilin province Agricultural Sciences Academy livestock branch, there are four products, include high-quality foreign ternary (Landrace, Yorkshire, Duroc hybrid ), Organic foreign ternary, wild hybrid (Northeast area local pigs and Changbai Mountain wild black pigs), the high Quality Berkshire(U.S. import). There are four brands, "Jizhu " Hongzui fresh cold meat, "Hongzui" feed, "Smair" sausage, "Hongzui " earthworm-organic-egg.We set an integrated industrial chain of the feed supplying, swines breeding, piglets offering, and pigs feeding , marketing,slaughtering and "Jizhu" fresh cold meat selling, meat deep processing,from the source to table, which makes our fresh cold meat unpolluted, green and organic,safe. 10 million high-quality live pig breeding project will be helpful to national food security, national food security, the price of live pigs security, ecological security and prosperity of farmers.

    In addition,on the background of the project ,10 new projects are under construction includes new standards 3,200,000 square-meter pigpens (4 original, 20 new,40 enlarged); two new 12-20 million Kwh gas power station and related facilities (heating system, biogas feeding earthworms);an annual output of 1,500,000 tons of new earthworm eco-organic fertilizer plant and 1400 kg earthworm Kinase production line; 200,000 earthworm-organic-egg farms; 800,000 tons of new eco-feed plant; food trade and transport systems, 10 new grain depots, 5 sets of large-scale drying equipment,which can deposit 350,000 tons of grain per year; 200,000,000 yuan production value of veterinary drugs factory; new co-operation with an annual output of 100,000 tons of large food processing lines; casings, liver sausage, pigs blood protein, bone-element Line; the largest pig feeding scientific research center and large-scale pig sperm bank. All projects will put into operation between 2008-2013,and enhance the overall efficiency greatly.

    when these projects completed, it can realize in sales of 31.5 billion, profits and taxes 980,000,000 yuan, increase more than 300,000,000 yuan directly for 100,000 farmers.

Company Address:Pear Jilin Province Economic Development Zone
Phone Companies:0434-5250015
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