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Technology and Machineries  
Shanghai Weser Industry Technology Co, Ltd.

    Shanghai Weser Industry Technology Co, Ltd established in 1996 by a professional who studied abroad in Germany.Our company specializes in the design, development, manufacture, promotion and the application of industrial machinary. Over the past 10 years, our company has seen rapid development. We have not only opened the Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chongqing offices, but have also established our own product testing and experimentation facility in Songjiang, Shanghai. Due to our cooperation with over 10 European companies, our company has entered into a stage of great development.  

    Since being established, our company has made great efforts to introduce advanced technology and products from the developed nations of Europe to the Chinese market. Additionally, we also cooperate with domestic corporations that aim at enhancing the technical ability and the automation control level of domestic industry. Our product line strives for perfection; it is representative of the world’s most sophisticated production technology and production equipment, especially in regards to the equipment used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. All our products conform to GMP manufacturing standards, are approved by the FDA, and are patented by international authorized institutions.  

    Simultaneously, our company has always insisted, “Technical innovation is rooted in humanity”. We attach the utmost importance to employee training and technical innovation. Not only do we attract many excellent personnel from famous universities to lead our management and development, but also we regularly invite foreign experts to hold our technical training. Because of this, we have an exceptionally skilled technical team that can design the most reasonable technical solutions for our customers, helping enterprises to improve their manufacturing environment, enhancing their efficiency, optimizing their industrial structure and promoting the modernization process.  

    At present, our business covers more than 20 provinces and cities including Hongkong and Macao. Furthermore we have achieved outstanding achievements in the fields of pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as the food and chemical industries. We have made great contributions to both the industrial development and technical innovation of many corporations, especially in regards to the implementation of GMP innovations in the pharmaceutical industry.  

    We have always pursued the principle to “Cooperate with good faith “. We will provide the best technical support, highest quality post-sales service, the best design and the most suitable product for every customer. We believe that, only the most suitable product is the best.  

With our sincerity we will gain your trust, then hand in hand, together we can develop China’s industry.

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