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Henan Zhiyuan Food Co., Ltd.

  Zhiyuan Group was established in the birthland of the ancient philosopher, thinker and founder of Daoism of our country——Luyi County in July 1993. It is a large-scale food process enterprise group that integrates animal husbandry and cultivation, scientific research, processing, refrigeration and sale of meat products and biochemical pharmacy.

  For more than ten years since its establishment, under the kind care and correct
leadership of the party committees and governments at various levels and under energetic support and help of various functional departments, the board of directors of the company leads the whole staff to adhere to the scientific outlook on development, carries forward the enterprise spirit of “work hard, innovate for
.business, keeps faith for business consolidation and strive for making enterprise stronger”; receives the management concept of “quality animation, product brandization, management scientification, technical modernization and marketing internationalization”; scrupulously abides by the behavior criterion of “faith generates trust, initiative promotes innovation, input generates return and uniting concentrates power” to unite harmoniously, cooperate with concerted efforts, strive pertinaciously and work diligently and thus has made the group develop from small to large and from weak to strong and march toward brilliance. Now it has more than 2600 employees and total assets of 430 million Yuan, possesses a production capacity of slaughtering 3 million live pigs, producing 160 thousand tons of frozen fresh meat and frozen pork cuts per year, producing 50 thousand tons of high and low temperature prepared foods and 100 thousand tons of quick-frozen foods per year. Can achieve 3 billion Yuan of industrial output value, 280 million Yuan of profit and tax and 20 million USD of foreign exchange earning from export. The products sell well in such countries as Philippines, Japan, Korea, Russia and Hong Kong and Macao region, and have received a good comments both at home and abroad.

  Under the group there are established one parent company (Henan Zhiyuan Food Co., Ltd.) and 5 subsidiaries (Henan Luyuan Food Import and Export Co., Ltd., Zhiyuan Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., Zhiyuan Quick-frozen Food Co., Ltd., Meat Products Co., Ltd., Runan Yumingzhi Food Co., Ltd.); 10 outside operations and 238 chain stores and affiliate shops; 4 breeding bases.

  Zhiyuan Food Group Co., Ltd. occupies an area of about 21.1 hectares with floor area of 66,000m2, of which 2,000m2 for pre-refrigeration rooms, 3,000m2 for quick-freezing rooms, 5,600m2 for storage rooms, 28,600m2 for integrated production shops, 16,000m2 for waiting pens and 4,800m2 for supporting machine rooms. Possesses 4 modern production lines for live pig slaughtering, 9 production lines for cutting and deboning with complete water, electricity, gas and refrigerating equipment and supporting facilities.

  The company has passed the international ISO9001, 14001 and HACCP system certification; it is a unit with the right for self-operation of import and export granted by the State Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, a registered manufacturer of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, a designated manufacturer of the State reserve meat, a designated slaughter unit for live pigs of Henan Province, an AAA credit enterprise, the national 9th place unit for actual slaughtering capacity of live pigs rated by the State Ministry of Commerce, national enterprise with advantage in mechanized slaughtering; an enterprise with outstanding contribution named by the County Party Committee and County Government, advanced unit for project construction and one of the 18 municipal backbone enterprises listed by the municipal Party Committee and municipal government, advanced unit of Henan Province for hygiene by the provincial Party Committee and Government, excellent private enterprise and backbone leading enterprise for promotion of development of agricultural industrialization; the 5th place unit of top 50 companies in Chinese meat product industry in 2005, 65th place unit in the list of 100 strongest enterprises of Henan Province, one of the national 100 advanced units for best food safety, a brand with most influential power in Chinese meat product industry, a Chinese enterprise with most vitality and an enterprise with state share participation for agricultural industrialization. The company’s trademark was appraised as the famous trademark of Henan Province, the company passed the certification of the State Ministry of Agriculture for
nuisance-free agricultural products at one stroke in 2007 and its products were rated as brand products and brand agricultural products of Henan Province and brand agricultural products of China. It has made outstanding contribution to the development of food industry and construction of local economy.

  Looking into the future, the opportunities are together with difficulty and hope and challenge exist at the same time. In the face of fierce market competition at home and abroad and new round of sectorial shuffle, the company will construct large cultivation bases according to the thinking way of “market leads the leading enterprises, the leading enterprises lead the bases, the bases connect farm households and contracts plus service”, provide unified services for farmers such as unified provision of piglings, unified quarantine, unified provision of feedstuff, unified purchase and unified slaughtering to form an interest-sharing complex, and create the industrial chain from farmland to dining tables; begin with critical links in the aspect of production, well manage product deep processing so as to extend the industrial chain, increase added value of products, extend from raw materials bases to production bases and turn resource advantage to commodity advantage; meanwhile, put people foremost, strengthen internal management of the enterprise to continuously improve enterprise management level, adhere to reform and innovation, harmonious development with the view to creating a brilliant tomorrow of Zhiyuan Food Group.
Henan Zhiyuan Food Co., Ltd.
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