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Sushi Group Ltd.

The  predecessor  of  Sushi  Group  is  the  Food  Company of Jiangsu Province,    founded  in 1953. It  was  the  chief  management  institution   of the  meat  product  business. It has made  predominant  contributions  to  secure  an  adequate  supply  of the  market  and  spurred   the  economic growth on since its  foundation.

In 2003,the company was reorganized  and became a multiple  joint-stockcorporation group.The  group  consists  of 5  holding  subsidiaries  and 4 exclusively invested  branch  companies, with 5  administrative  offices and  1  quality-controlling  center. According  to  the related  laws, the group  company has  founded  general  meeting  of the stockholders,  board of  directors,  board   of  supervisors  and  the  general  manager’s  office.  At  the  same  time, we  perfected  the  organizations  of the Party  Committee, the labor  union  and  the Communist Youth League.

The group  has  practiced  decentralized  management,  the  enterprise system is done to the  core companies. The meat enterprise department has been set up on purpose to admini strate the Sushi Meat Company, Sushi  Huai’ an  Company and  the Pig Breeding Branch Company. And  Pharmaceutical  Enterprise  Department also has been set up to administrate the  Runtian  Biochemical  Company,  Nanjing  Biochemical   Research  Institute  and  China's  Biochemical Medicament Magazine.

The  mass  guideline  of the group is: To  get the first-class  scientific management  and to  refine on with persistent  standard;  to continue molding  Sushi  Brand to  pursue a perfect satisfactory service. The mass aims are: the qualified  rate  of the  products and the  implemental  rate of  the contracts are both 100%, and the degree of customers’ satisfaction is 95%.

The  group's  pig  breeding  has  passed  the  non-public  nuisance  certification of   Jiangsu agri-cultural products; butchering and processing of pigs passed HACCP certification;the Pharmaceu-ticals’ management passed ASP certification; and the group passed ISO9001: 2000 certification.

The  Sushi  Brand  with  the plum  blossom  design as the main body has registered in the state bureau of commerce and industry and was appraised as Jiangsu Famous Brand. With Sushi as the main brand, the group also has other subbrands such  as  Xing-Sushi, Wang-Sushi,  Feng-Sushi and Run-Sushi.

Sushi  Group  was  awarded  Chinese  Business  Famous  Enterprise,  the National  ‘3-green Projects’ Demonstrating  Enterprise, the  National  Ministry’s  Agricultural  Products’ Chain Demonstrating Enterprise, Jiangsu  AAA  Enterprise of Honoring the Contract and Keeping the Promise, one of the National 50 Companies of China’s Meat Product and Jiangsu’s Market Leader of Agricultural Industrialization.

With  meat  products as the pillar  industry, the group  began to diversify its business  scope. Led by the brands,  guided  by  the   market, and  buttoned  by  the  assets,  the group attaches much importance to scientific research,qualities, manpower  and  the credit. The group's  production and business scales have realized tremendous development while the inner competition ability gets remarkably improved and the group gets into the front ranks of the same trade in China.

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