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Shanghai Far-east Pharmaceutical Machinery General

Shanghai Far-east Pharmaceutical Machinery General Factory is a specialized pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing enterprise belonged to Shanghai Medication (Group) General Corporation.

Shanghai Far-east Pharmaceutical Machinery General Factory is located in Pudong Jinqiao Industrial District with area of 39294 square meters. The enterprise now has 532 employees, 125 technical persons of various specialties. Among them, there are 12 high class technical persons and 68 middle level technical persons.

It has the design and manufacture licenses for the manufacture of the national first and second categories pressure container equipment and enamel reaction kettle.The enterprise took the lead in passing the ISO9001 international quality authentication in China pharmaceutical machinery industry due to its rigorous manufacture management and quality management.

The enterprise has a strong design capability and advanced manufacture and processing measures.For years, the enterprise"s production value and sale are on the top of China pharmaceutical machinery industry.

The enterprise insists on using domestic and international new technologies and new materials, applying the optical, mechanical, digital, and electrical integration and module, digital and combination technical measures in the development of new products. The product"s technical level keeps ahead of that in China. And it has gradually formed the injection equipment production pattern, the ampoule washing, drying, filling and sealing linked production line as its main product, and the antibiotic bottle liquid injection, powder injection and oral liquid linked production line and their packing machinery as well; the injection water equipment production pattern, the multiple effects water distilling machine as its main product, and pipe engineering and purifying engineering as well; the solid preparation equipment production pattern, the boiling granulator as its main product, and the tablet pressing machine, punch head, punch mould and crushing as well; the biological preparation, food freeze drying equipment production pattern, the 0.5 ~ 50 m2 series steam sterilizing vacuum freeze drying machine as its main product, and food freeze drying equipment as well; and the production pattern, the fistulous fiber super filtering membrane as its core product, and drinking water machine and Chinese traditional medicine"s extracting, separation and industry-use water pre-treatment equipment and device as well.

Shanghai Far-east Pharmaceutical Machinery General Factory has obtained for many times of the national important scientific research harvest awards, national science and technology progress awards, ministry excellent new product awards, and Shanghai excellent new product awards.

Shanghai Far-east Pharmaceutical Machinery General Factory cultivates its enterprise image on marketing, brand, personification and individuation, it insists on the purpose of facing to the pharmaceutical industry and servicing the pharmaceutical, chemistry and food industries, its market share increases continuously, its products are not only well sold in China, but also sold far to the countries and areas in South-east Asia, Africa and Europe, and are deeply welcome by the users.

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