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Shouguang Tiancheng Hongli Food Co., Ltd.

Established in 1981, Shouguang Tiancheng Hongli Food Co., Ltd., integrating vegetable plantation, scientific research and sales, is a leading enterprise specialized in processing and exportation of farm and sideline products, as well as a key leading enterprise of the province for agriculture industrialization. Our company has processing workshops with an area of 16,500 square meters, cold storage with the capacity of 5,000 tons, and the staff of over 800, and primarily realized the comprehensive operation structure in which "production, supply and sales are unified, and plantation and processing are integrated". Our company was elected as the "Top 100 Private Owned Enterprise" in Weifang city in three consecutive years. In year 2003, it was ranked among the "Provincial Key Leading Enterprises in Agriculture Industrialization” and among the “National Spark Plan Project Units” in 2004 year. The products of the company was awarded with the “Assured Safe Chinese Foods Brand” by the national Standardization Administration Committee, and has passed ISO22000 Quality System Certification, Jewish KOSHER Certification, Muslim HALAL Certification, EU GAP Certification and NOP Organics Certification.

With an emphasis on scale business, and our vigorous efforts in farming construction and one-stop deep process construction, we are trying our best to cultivate our competitive advantages based on large-scaled business, thus to improve the competitive edges of our products in the market. Since 2002, we have purchased 1,000 mu (1 mu equals to 666.67 m2) farmlands in total after having made deep investigations in the markets in some countries in Asia and Europe as well as the domestic market in China. In the process of management, we strictly carry out the three "must-to-dos", that is, the standardization management for utilizing fertilizers, pesticides and plantation, making sure to be in compliance with the requirements such as safe and centre-controlled resources and materials, strict management norms, strengthened supervision during a project and scientific test at the end of a project, thus to realize rapid and stable overall development through the mutual support and improvement of different elements. Meantime, we also pay attention to summarizing our years of experiences to create and promote the comprehensive crop management mode of “company + farm+ farm workers”, which is fixed as the operation concept of Hongli Foods.

Over the past two years of practice, the farm business management mode has not only brought about higher economic benefits to the company, but also vitalized economic development of the surrounding farmers effectively; as a result, remarkable social benefits are achieved. Under this management mode, different crops are put under timely and proper integrated management in the entire process from the management of soils, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and fields to the final harvest, in addition, biological, chemical and physical integrated preventions and controls are implemented to fight against the creatures that are harmful to crops.

Our company adopts advanced production techniques and strictly abides by the requirements of GMP and SSOP management to plant, produce and process such crops as spinach, okra, yellow peach, strawberry and so on. In the process of production and processing, every product and every step is put under a series of tracking management ranging from farm, processing to sales. An integrated farm product quality tracking system is established, which ensures the quality and safety of products. Large-scale management, advanced techniques and excellent products have all together earned universal reorganization by customers. With the market share increases every year, our products sell well in Japan, European Union, United States, and many other countries and regions.

In 2006, our company launched a new project of quick freezing flower and rice. The most advanced production equipment in China, robust R&D strength and scientific business management concepts have laid a solid foundation for the production and R&D of quick freezing flower and rice products. The prime products, including Kangrunyuan Special Flavor Dumplings, Glutinous Rice Balls, Rice Dumpling, etc., cover the high, middle and low ends of consumers, and are salable in large and medium scaled retail superstores, Chinese restaurant businesses and other end markets.

In future, our company will adhere to the enterprise spirit of “honest, innovative, cooperative and dedicative” in future, and carry forward the quality principle of “winning customers with high quality, and developing with the attitude of honesty and faithfulness", to make unremitting efforts in expanding markets both at home and abroad.

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