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Shanghai Hongze Microwave Energy Application Co.,

    Shanghai Hongze Microwave Energy Application Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in equipments of industrial (commercial) microwave energy applications,it is China’s one of the biggest enterprises, manufacturing equipments of industrial microwave energy applications in sales volume.

    The applications of production contains sterilization,dryness,thawing,cooking,extraction,pottery and porcelain sintering,chemical reaction etc. They are widely applied to following areas such as foodstuff、pharmaceutical,deep-processing of farm and side-line products,Chemical industry,building materials etc. “Hongze” brand serial equipments of microwave energy application with intelligence are well known in china with outstanding quality, and are exported to occident and country and area of Southeast Asia.

    It is a hi -tech company in shanghai, the first unit authenticated by the Society of Microwave (CIE),the unit of “Quality Assurance ”、 “Attaching importance to credit and abiding by contract” in Shanghai. All productions are designed and produced according to GMP、FDA Standard, checked and measured by Bureau of Shanghai Technical Supervision, key technical indexes entirely have achieved international advanced level, owning multiterm national patent.

    The corporation has ability to make scientific researches by itself, and has owned a group of experts specialized in microwave energy applications、machine designing、electronic technology and automatic-control, etc. engaging in research of technology of microwave energy applications and industrial transform of up to date results of science and technology, making research, manufacture, sale as a whole, actively pushing modern corporation management with character of high technology high starting point, high efficiency, always unremitting pushing 3S operation management request, always applying to research of new products, having practiced and innovated through many years, it has already formed own developmental management stratagem, In vertical orientation, always regarding that customer’s demand is our purpose as a master objective through whole management course. In horizontal direction, we ceaselessly aim at development trend of same vocation of developed country in the world. Fully making use of advantageons chance of continuous appearance of electronic information, new products of mechano-electronic component new technology in crcently. having developed a series of forward-looking products possessing international level.

    To maintain the core competition force, with the basis of wide market investigation, the corporation always can live up to make research production, patent application, technology storages harmonize roll operation each other according to national industrial direction and market demand, establishing the solid basis for sustainable development of corporation .
Corporation name and address are as follows:

Shanghai Hongze Microwave Energy Application Co., Ltd.
15F, Yucheng mansion, Lane 1283, (N) Shan Xi Road, Shanghai PC: 200060
Tel: 0086-21-62660707/62661717/62665757 Fax: 0086-21-62667766
Http: Email:
Address of Factory:
Building 17, Industrial district of city, No 2548 Zhennan Road, Shanghai

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