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Ningxia Laoheqiao Halal Meat Ware Co.,Ltd.

    Ningxia halal meat products flooded laoheqiao. Ningxia Wuzhong City in the southern outskirts of the urban area, the company is located in an ecological agriculture original, a beautiful environment, clean water, away from sources of pollution and traffic facilitation. The company has now formed a set cattle, sheep slaughtering segmentation processing main function of cattle and sheep by-products for nourishing, supplemented by a large Muslim Meat Food Enterprises and management of the five northwestern provinces and regions largest Muslim butcher slaughtering trading market, the market carcasses slaughtered annually Sheep over 80 10000, beef 80,000 bulls, camels over 10,000 peak, can be realized in the volume of transactions 320 million yuan, employing more than 2,000 people (of which Hui account for more than 95 percent). The company is ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system, HACCP food safety management system certification and the State Ministry of Agriculture in pollution-free beef and mutton products Muslim origin authentication and certification. Company made by the National Department of Agriculture as a "Ministry of Agriculture sentinel market", "Muslim autonomous region of beef and mutton sentinel slaughtering plant," and in 2004 selected China Green Food Council Member units were Wuzhong City industry and commerce, technical supervision, business , and financial sector combined nine rated "AA grade corporate integrity" and "Star Enterprise", the city government awarded the company the "key enterprises" and "the industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises," and so on.

     The company has financing more than 1000 million from "China Technical Research Center" export enterprises by the standards of the 700 square meters of building automatic hoists slaughtered sheep workshop and 660 square meters of cold meat thermostat segmentation processing workshops, Frozen and supporting the capacity of 60 tons, refrigeration capacity of 800 tons of Muslim dedicated refrigerator. Equipment which slaughtered sheep hanging slaughtered by Islamic standards and international standard professional custom, any direct exposure to the products, semi-finished products, finished the machinery used in all stainless steel materials, the equipment workshop divided by HACCP quality standards are key Control Points equipment, all imports of Germany set of cleansing, disinfection, segmentation, packaging machinery companies are cumulative investment in fixed assets has reached 15.6 million yuan, can produce pollution-free halal beef and mutton and their products in 10 major series, and more than 100 varieties .

     In order to better improve product quality and expand the development of products, research and development, accelerate the development of product diversification, the company in Ningxia, Inner Mongolia grassland animal husbandry, and other relatively developed, the quality of beef and mutton the region to build a base for various raw materials processing, these bases include sheep breeding, slaughter and processing, food processing, and other Muslim leisure a series of high-quality raw materials for production and processing base to facilitate research and development. The company is committed to the halal beef and mutton production and processing and logistics distribution in the product mix has three main categories of products: frozen meat segmentation: the main site to separate meat and lamb fattening cattle parts segmentation based meat processing, in -30 ° C Forming the following quick-freezing, storage and transport conditions for the -18 ° C following Hengwenku and refrigerated trucks. Such products are mainly for markets outside the Middle East, Hong Kong and Macau as well as the Islamic countries.segmentation cold fresh meat: After 0-4 ℃ Pai acid (humidity 85-92%), divided by the company halal beef and mutton cold fresh sound distribution system, the main suppliers of such products area supermarkets, hotels and transport time not more than six hours peripheral market. Muslim leisure cooked food categories: main supporting Muslim unique eating habits for the modern home, travel, leisure life and production can be developed by direct consumption or microwave heating convenience foods. Major suppliers of such products within and outside the area supermarkets, airports, railway stations, wharves and tourist attractions and recreational sites. 

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